Cry me a river (Rehab remix) - Justin Timberlake feat. Rihanna

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Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River mashed with Rihanna’s Rehab. This is to sort of give the effect Justin Timberlake actually got Rihanna to feature on the track.

I sort of came up with a story for this. That originally Justin and Rihanna were a couple. Justin sings about how Rihanna cheated on him with another man, but on the second verse Rihanna explains this by singing about how she was mistreated by Justin, to make her find someone else. I don’t know man, that’s what I got out of this when I made it.

I messed up part of the ending but this is just a “rough” version.

(Source: mashup-central, via mindofmurfy)